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Pets are family

Two of my favorite fellas. ❤️❤️ Are you a dog lover? A cat person? I grew up with “animals” not pets. We had a number of dogs, hamsters, and a cat or two (one of which we were watching from my aunt who peed on my bed daily...not joking) When our dogs broke into the house, they became beasts. They ran feverishly from room to room, destroying everything in their wake.

I feel terrible looking back, on how we never treated our dogs as pets, part of the family, or even loved. It’s really a sad thing for me. Butters and Mac are spoiled over at our house. That was one of the requirements when we were looking for a dog. They will be a part of the family, they will do carpool with me, they will be humanized. Lol. Yup...I’ve become that lady. But cute can these two be? #pets #mustlovedogs #animals #labradoodle #labradoodlesofinstagram #love#family


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