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Kass is a celebrity fitness instructor and certified health and life coach. She has had the opportunity of coaching hundreds of people over the years and has develop several successful coaching programs, individually and with her longtime friend and business partner Steve Boedt. Helping people grow and succeed is her passion and purpose in life. 


One on one

I offer customized life and health coaching services that will nurture your spirit, help you overcome personal challenges, and allow you to achieve your individual life goals. I cater to each of my client’s personal needs in order to unlock your full potential. 

Group Coach

I offer a group coaching services to help you move past the obstacles in your life. I will help you identify your personal values, strengths, and abilities in support of your personal and professional goals. In this interactive group setting, I can help you develop different perspectives and achieve the outcomes you’re striving for. 


Additional Group Coaching Sessions Coming Soon

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