Kass Martin

Kass is a celebrity fitness instructor and certified health and life coach. She has inspired thousands of people all over the world and has taught in over 80 countries. She has been featured on The Today Show, The Biggest Loser, and The View. Come see why she is beloved all over the world. 






Hey Mama! I see you! I see all that you do day after day to make your family and your home safe, happy, and whole.


You go from taxi driver, to cleaner, to doctor to chef and teacher all in one day and you do it well. But what about you? How are YOU doing? It might seem like a long time ago where you felt in your groove and feeling amazing. Where’s the energy for YOU after you have conquered the day? 

Join me for "How MAMA got her groove back”


21 days to intentionally create more fun, connection, in balance in motherhood. Motherhood might be one of our favorite things, but it’s not the only thing.