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Balancing Balance

Balance. I don’t know that balance really exists. I refer to this hefty goal as balance but really it’s more of a counterbalance. It’s impossible to equally balance it all-family, work, personal life, social... but I sure give it my best effort. When work load is heavy I have to give my attention to it, the second I am done with my workload I make a point to counterbalance that with family time. I love to have family over for dinner. I don’t wait for them to invite me-that’s putting this counterbalancing in their hands and they might not be needing Kass time🥴. I make sure to take action. I love time with these women. It doesn’t haven’t to be fancy, I’ll take anything! We do potluck dinner and connect. I love them. They’re amazing. #family #love #happiness @emilyengemann @lauraaston @bellaboo.__ #mothersday


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