Monday, September 8, 2014

The other morning, I was out of town working. Brian and I were on the phone and he said he had this overwhelming feeling for me to write down all these cool experiences I have with work. The highs, the lows, the awe struck moments the Ah Hah! moments and even the in betweeners. I agree. Completely. There have been so many. SOOOO SOOOOO many really cool experiences and these are things I just don't want to forget. But to find...or rather, take the time to write them down...that's gonna be the struggle.'s to another goal of writing in my blog. Ayayay. My goals I NEVER keep!!! ARgggh!!! but...maybe JUST MAYBE this time it'll stick. If I don't write it down I may just forget them. I think I might have already. Luckily there are other social media platforms that will allow some memory stirring when I might need it. (fingers crossed)

I don't think there will be an order to this...first come to the mind, first written down.

This past year has been ridiculous on the fun chart. AHHH-MAZE-ING! It has also been ridiculous on the busyness. Everyone has their own allowance of what is too crazy and while I know my schedule seems retarded to some it's been a slow progression and adaptation so that it doesn't feel so whack. Like when someone feels overwhelmed with one child...than they adapt...have another...and another...and another...those still in the craziness of 1 child look at someone with 5,6,7 and think they need to be admitted to the loony house.

I remember years ago my friend told me her husband worked in Cailfornia. "WHAT????!!! How does that work???" She told me he was home on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and many Thursdays. He flew to Cali on Mondays and worked for a few days then came home. It was a great job and they didn't want to move b/c their life and family was here in Utah. Walking away from this conversation I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. So many questions!!! 1. How did they ever see each other? 2. How did he see the kids? 3. How is that far as marriage wise? 4. Are you happy? and so on.

When I first started my "get out of the house hobby" of teaching Hip Hop Hustle, I didn't know that it was even something I wanted to do for more than a season. Then came Zumba a few months later. This was the first time I was really excited and passionate about something-anything really and so I worked really really really hard at it. Studying my dvds, studying my music, students, other instructors...I loved it and if there was a way to have graduated college in the study of Zumba I would have been a far better student...maybe even gotten my masters!!! :D Can you imagine???

There have been so many adjustments along the way: morning classes vs night classes...gyms close vs a drive...4 then 5 then 8 then 3 then 2 classes a week. When my husband had the talk with me that this "hobby" was taking up every free night we had, I had to reconsider my goals-or what I was showing were my priorities. He is my goal...our marriage and family is our goal so I didn't teach at night anymore. Everyone has their own way of making it work. I reserved those for family time as he didn't get home from work til 6:30 and then it was a high five and out I went to teach, attend or sub a Zumba class.

Over the course of the next year or so he began working out of our home office as a outside sales for the same company so this allowed for more time together...then I applied for Zumba Jammer position...then shortly after Zumba Education Specialist...and took every opportunity I could and worked as hard as I could. Every event, every training, every show, filming, dvd, ZIN volume...everything has been a joint decision.. :D This doesn't make me being gone easier for him but just knowing we both signed up for it keeps complaining when times get real hard (cancelled flights, tired, exhaustion, kids chaos, running the house while I'm gone...there are multiple possibilities haha) on both our ends at bay.

This year alone I have worked more than I thought was humanly possible. Been to more places, cities and countries than I ever would have imagined I would be doing. My mother in law a few weeks ago asked me "did you ever think this would be your life? The girl who wouldn't get on a plane without Brian?"
The answer to that is NO! It's shocking actually. Even renting a car, checking into a hotel, staying at a hotel by myself!!! the girl who double, triple checked her locks and under her bed and closet and window wells growing up out of fear of who knows what...or who... (did I just weird you out?? haha) but as everyone knows it takes a village to run things and I wouldn't do it if it wasn't good for us, if I wasn't surrounded by amazing people and if it wasn't exactly what we felt I should be doing. It doesn't mean it isn't's ridiculous...but I am always assessing what needs to change to improve things and make life run more smooth. If it ain't good for the goose it ain't good for the gander. (what is that saying anyway? I don't get it but I use it...oh well)

So here is to writing down these cool stories. I have had adventures among adventures and I want to remember them. They are far too cool to be forgotten. And in the wake of "new me" resolutions I think jotting things down is something I can manage.

Next up...
Highs and lows of Zumba Instructor Convention 2014


Anonymous said...

I so needed to read this!! I'm at that exact point in my life where my "hobby" is consuming a lot of my time, but it makes me HAPPY. Zumba makes me feel alive, so we are working hard at making things balanced for everyone.

Christa Grant said...
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Radha Peterson said...

You are my hero! I love how you an awesome wife and a mother and still managed to reach the heights with your career. You are a super woman and have a good balance with things in life. You were my inspiration when I attended a class of yours in Utah and I was blessed to have my certification training done with you here in TX. I really want to be you when I grow up! :)