Thursday, March 21, 2013

Miss B is 6!!!

I can't believe it. My little Miss B is 6 years old.

Raising B has not been an easy thing and is far from over. But she sure is fun. From the first days at the hospital there was lots of screaming on her end. She was a fairly easy delivery but she quickly and loudly let me know she had arrived. She kept me on my toes too-turning near blue a couple times there at the hospital b/c of some gunk in her lungs (oddly enough, same thing happened to me as a baby and I was rushed back to the hospital which only increased my fear of leaving the safely of the hospital)

First night home she cried bloody murder for 5 hours straight. This trend continued back and forth for about 6 weeks. This was very challenging for me. I did not know how to make her happy. If as a mom you can't make your children happy, what can you do?  I cut out everything fun from my diet and anything that had been known to cause the dreaded "colic" but nothing seemed to work. I was discouraged to say the least...

Brian was so patient with her. Many times he would send me off to catch up on some sleep and I remember waking up and checking on the two of them and he would have her all swaddled tight laying on the ottoman of her rocking chair swaying side to side to calm her down.

He had the magic touch, the baby whisperer, and she's been a daddy's girl ever since.

As she has grown she has added such spunk to our family. Whatever the emotion is, it's at 110% When she's happy, there is no one happier than her, when she is sad or dramatic or upset or can just imagine. The girl has spent a lot of time in time out over the years but she has grown to know she needs the break and this helps us all have more peace in the home. ;)

She can belly laugh like none I've ever heard before and would laugh for hours at her brother. She is all about fun. Anything that's fun, has treats involved, with music, dancing and people...she is game for!

I love being her mom and I know that although raising her isn't the easiest, nothing good in this life comes easy so I take the challenge head on. She is strong, smart, silly, sassy, kind, giving, generous, talented, she was born for greatness, but above all...SHE is mine forever, my daughter, my family, and that right there is the greatest gift.

Happy birthday my sweet baby girl.


Kika + Olivia said...

Happy Bday to Miss B!! :)

Vivi said...

The last line wetted my eyes, that reminded me to what my mom would have said about me, I always drove her crazy ...Happy Birthday to Bridget from me and Sebastian , she is only 13 days older than him...I remember 5 years ago I was still 20 pounds overweight from him, and you were so skinny I couldn't even tell Bridget existed...loves loves loves

Rappleye Family said...

Happy Birthday!