Friday, March 29, 2013

I meant to write this story down and totally spaced it, it got put on the back burner, the burner far out of reach, the one I sometimes place things I wanna do but after kids, quality time with hubbs, work, carpool, cleaning, paperwork, relaxing, working out, friends... and now is the time I'll get it out.

Brian was taking me to the airport. I was heading to a training weekend. Since we live an hour away and since I married the best guy around he offers to drive me since this is simply more time together in a busy life that sometimes gets in the way.

We left early to sneak in a mid day lunch date at our favorite place, Cafe Rio. Brian needed to finish a business call while I got started in line to save time...I was the one driving, I put the car in park but kept the engine running and got out, I had forgotten something in the back of the van...truth is I forgot to put deodorant on in my mad rush to get out the door and so I went digging through my luggage in the back. Ahah! found it, got 'er done and headed in.

Bri came in shortly after and we had a great lunch together. We love this place. We started eating there together when we were dating and haven't stopped. We ate our usual meal and chatted about one thing then the next. It came time to go so we headed to the car.

When we got to the van we looked at each other expecting the other to unlock the doors. I peeked in...there were the keys, right there on the drivers seat, so close yet so far away. Brian had turned off the car, dropped the keys on the seat, while finishing his call and in his haste to get out left them right where he put them.

This was no time for locking your keys in the car. We started to panic, trying a lot of ideas that weren't the solution we needed. There was no time for my mom to hurry over to my house, grab the spare and head up to where we were, we were already half way to SLC, we didn't have a spare somewhere hidden-shooting ourselves in the foot for that one- I couldn't have someone run me to the airport while Brian waited for someone to come b/c I had two suitcases (filled with ZumbaWear, manuals and DVDs for the training, plus paperwork), a carry on and my purse with my license in the van. This was bad.

We called AAA and the police...both of which would take a half hour to get to us and we didn't have time for that. We had about ten minutes of leeway here and that was pushing it. I saw across the way a tire and lube place. I told Brian to run over there and see if there's anything they have that could unlock the door, or even a shady worker who could pick the lock. ;) I would call Delta and see about a later flight (we both knew this wasn't the case since I always book last flight out as to spend more time at home). Delta had no later flights (of course) but they did have a red eye that could get me there by 9. Well thanks, I have a training that starts at 8:30am so that's not an option either... I was starting to panic but thought maybe Bri had some good news from the tire place. Nope, he ran to another place down the street as well to see if they could help with no success. I called Delta again to see if we could change the flight. This was my option. I was going to get there in the morning. I would have to email all the attendees and my host to notify them, start the training late (not ideal).

After waiting and waiting for a manager's approval I got the final word on the switch....$650!!!! 650 DOLLARS for the switch and price difference in flights. I about fell over. I told Brian. He said "Well that's not happening" He walked over to the building, sized up a stone that had fallen off the wall, walked up to the van and bashed the window in. I couldn't believe it.  Glass shattered everywhere and I was truly concerned about what people in this busy parking lot were going to think or do about our breaking and entering.

Like I said, there was glass everywhere. I grabbed a seat in the back and watched Brian white knuckle it, driving with his hands at ten and two, weaving in and out of traffic, threading the needle at high speeds in an effort to get me to the airport on time. We were well beyond the "1 hour" mark before your flight. Brian is a good driver but under the circumstances my nerves were frazzled. I just closed my eyes and took shelter-keep in mind that the window is broken and the cold chill from the high speed winds were freezing me.

We got there. We got the airport alive. I hopped out of the car like a bat outta Hell, gave him a quick kiss and hauled my booty into the building screaming "stop the plane, STOP THE PLANE!!" not really but that's what was happening in the inside. Wouldn't that have been great!? lol. Just like a scene you'd see in a dramatic movie. That would have been great now that I think of it. Anyway...I check in...31 minutes before my flight. 31 minutes!! I made it there with 1 minutes to spare. Once in a while the grand amounts of flight time you spend with an airline really pays off and this was definitely one of them. Thank you Delta...I can check in 30 minutes before my flight. Wheeew!!! I was so relieved!!!

While driving to the airport Brian and I were talking about how something like this situation can create a big fight in a marriage...lots of finger pointing, possible name calling, blaming, maybe yelling. Things like this happen and yes they can create stress but what I'm so grateful for is how we handled it with patience and love...teamwork. That's us.

To top the trip off my luggage didn't make it on my connecting flight and so I was without make up and a few necessities for church the next day but there are worst things...I could have been stuck in an airport and not home with my family. Brian is a major deal finder and he managed to have the window looking like brand new for me when he picked me up for the bargain price of $155. Not too shabby.

I have found a few shards of glass here and there to remind me of this great event. ;) But all in all it's just a great story.

 Oddly enough I took this picture of Brian right before I headed into the restaurant. The calm before the storm. haha
 Glass, glass and more glass...
 I liked being conveniently gone while he cleaned this's everywhere!


Vivi said...

Kass, "on star" pops up my car locks just calling them, it also helps you for flat tires and jumping dead batteries. It's only 12 a month.

Bambi said...

They sell a little box for spare keys, with one magnetic side so you can attach that box in any "hidden" place --that only you know- in your car.

Janene "Jeannie" Jaynes said...

Those are great things to know. I never knew! I was just thinking that you could have called a cab, but then I remembered this is Utah, breaking the glass was your best bet! Glad no one got cut.