Monday, March 25, 2013

Feeling like an old woman

After a weekend of work, trainings, master classes, very little sleep and too much sugar last night (I have my friend Gina Owens cookies to thank for that) I feel like I am a 80 year old woman...and one that's not in shape and still kickin. My body is screaming "rest" "please rest" and I ache in odd places like my hips that I usually don't have problems...

 I have taken a few cat naps throughout the day-1 on the plane, 1 on the floor waiting for B to go to school (I was sitting in my favorite spot...over the heater vent with a blanket trapping in the heat...try's the best spot in the house, it'll warm you to the core, trust me) and one on the couch. I'm feeling a little more youthful now.

I had such a great night last night at my long time friend Sam Owens home with his wife and kids. They are adorable.  A great couple. It was so nice to go over to their home, eat a home cooked meal, laugh, talk about old times and new times and everything in between... Being with their 3 kids made me anxious to get home to my rugrats and kiss their faces off, but I enjoyed the time I got to spend with them. 100%

I met Sam when I was a freshman in high school. (I'll have to dig up a pic and post it. lol) He was visiting from California and we met through a mutual friend and we have managed to stay good friends through the years. Seeing Sam as a dad and husband is impressive to say the least and it makes me grateful for the good people like him in my life who have made a positive impact on me from a young age. It's not everyday you can go a few years without seeing someone, show up at their home on a Sunday night, stuff my face on his wife Gina's awesome cooking and talk til 12am.

Gina is adorable, fun and sweet and I feel like I have been friends with her all along AND...and this is a BIG AND...her dinner was so tasty that I even ate fish!!! If you know me, you know this is a big step.  I usually don't like fish, I try it time and time again and it never hits the spot. I would have felt fine passing it by but her kids were eating it and falling into kid peer pressure like I usually do with what they're eating, ;) be it chicken nuggets, french fries (haha), candy, or fish... I tried it and what do you know I LOVED IT! I'm gonna steal her cookie and fish recipes and try them ASAP. Little did she know she changed my life right there. I have been waiting to for the taste buds change b/c I know people go nutso over fish and the healthy benefits.  Now let's just see if I can duplicate it.

I am looking forward to the next time I head back to Nebraska for work and get to see them again. Thanks Omaha for a wonderful time, wonderful people, wonderful Zumba love, wonderful memories...

Until next time,


jenlamont said...

Glad you had some rest and relaxation while here! Omaha loves you and we can't wait for you to come back!! Zumba <3!!

Jen LaMontagne ;)

Anonymous said...

I can totally relate to your heater vent idea. When I an there in my Utah house for Thanksgiving and Christmas that is exactly what I do!