Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Highlight of the day

Something we do in our family is ask "what was the highlight of the day?" or "what was your favorite part of the day?"

So...what was my favorite part of the day today?

My brother's son came over around 5:30pm to invite the kids to go to the park with them.  My kids were all about this and eagerly left the house.

Bri and I were folding laundry. With this change in plans, we took one look at each other and knew that we wanted to take advantage of this time.  We quickly got changed out of sweats and went on a mini date.

We went to dinner, Jason's Deli-one of my favorites b/c I can stuff my face with the all you can eat salad bar guilt free. Eating with just the two of us was great. No fighting over food, no complaining about having to eat vegetables...just good conversation and good food.

So there it is. My favorite part of the day. I'm sure tomorrow has something great in store for me as well.
Until then...

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