Monday, August 27, 2012

Look at these bad boys!

I have been a big nail biter my whole life. Don't judge. ;)

I don't consider myself a stressed person (not more than the average mom with kids, husband and responsibilities) but when I look down and see nothin but "nubbins" as my husband would call them-nails bitten down way too low to be healthy and a cold sore on my lip I realized there may be other ways my body shows stress.

My usual tactic of survival is just denial. Straight up denial of the responsibilities that I have. I may hang out all day in my sweats, organizing, hanging out with Bri and the kids or just watching paint dry. Whatever the case may be I usually just like to deny that I have things to do and deadlines to meet. Then I kick it into high gear and knock out a ton of my "to dos" real fast.

I was driving the other day and looked at my nails. Stronger, longer and looking better than ever before. "Pretty impressive!" I thought. So I thought I should take a snap shot in case this moment doesn't last forever to have proof that at one point my hands did indeed look feminine. ;)

1 comment:

Maria Laura said...

Oh Kass tell me about it. I dont do nails, i do the surrounding area. i dont know whats worse! you have beautiful hands!
Hugs from Sweden!