Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Do you tan?

As I'm sitting in Craig's Cuts waiting for my sons haircut to finish I read this in Readers Digest "In a thousand years, archaeologists will dig up tanning beds and think we fried people as punishment."

I don't tan. Let me rephrase-I don't tan often. I used to work at a tanning salon. When I got married Bri told me
I should get a job that's a little more challenging (no offense) I think he was thinking "find a job that makes better money".

Since then I have not made a habit of tanning (very rarely, maybe when getting ready for a TV spot...) Problem is---I love that feeling! It's warm, quick, gives an instant confidence boost (IF you don't burn or look orange) but I hate that's it's not good for me. I wish it was like getting your veggies in or something of that nature. I'd be great at it.

I do wonder however about what people in year's to come will think of 2012. How we act, look, hobbies, cars we drive, travel, theme parks, Vegas...i mean, I wore zebra print pants to the Zumba class I taught today. What would they think of that? Haha.

For now I'm going to try out spray tan. Although I don't love the idea of stripping down in front of someone for a tan I think my skin will thank me... That is, until they say that spray tans are harmful. Then I'm in trouble. ;)


Gina Peksa said...

I tan....rarely like you!! I am right now, not at this very second, lol!! But I'm getting ready for my 20 yr High School Reunion, and I'm the one planning it...I'm going to go looking my best....tanning and Zumba...and weights and Zumba Toning will get me there!! And yes, the clothes will be made fun of as we are decorating with 80's and early 90's clothes...can't believe we wore 99% of what we did!! LOL!!!!

Kass Martin said...

Love it! We think we look alright...then time passes and we realize it's ALL bad!

La Oso said...

I've done spray tans when I go on vacation. Obviously me and my red headed, freckle face self don't tan even a lick! So I married my brown hubby and have beautiful tan kids that don't have to hide from the sun because of sunburns. I liked the spray tan, I wore a strapless bra, so awkward but not the worse thing. Only thing is that if the gal spraying you isn't super good you can come out all streaked and uneven. Now that's AWKWARD.

Jamie Christensen said...

Good thing you have me missy! I'll be there to spray you tomorrow! Don't you worry about the streaking! I'm a professional! Talk about an instant ego boost!! You're going to feel like you've dropped 10 lbs. You're gonna love it!

Matt Hardy said...

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