Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bear lake, family time and an awesome plumber bum.

I love Bear Lake. I love the relaxing feeling. Nothing to do, nowhere I have to be and nothing but having fun on my list of to dos.

We come up here once a year with Brian's family and just veg out. We have a blast as a family playing games, boating, golfing (not me of course) and eating far too much.

I couldn't help but absolutely love this picture of these three girls having fun on the beach and B's awesome plumber bum. This girl of mine is so carefree. Her energy is infectious whether for the good or bad. ;) she's just a doll. -when she chooses-

Just a few more days of relaxing and it's back to the hustle and bustle of my crazy life.

Back to my card game.


שמחה וינטר קופות רושמות ומסופים בהשכרה said...

you also go swimming in the lake?

Carol M said...

Adorable picture! My daughter and I love to spend time at the beach. So relaxing!!!!!!!!